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Zeeland town vöhr The most toilet-friendly municipality in the Netherlands

Annual survey of the Stomach-Liver-Intestine Foundation (MLDS) and emergency app. Veere has the best chance of finding a public restroom if you need to go.

Utrecht came second this year, followed by Schiermonnikoog, Alkmaar and Rotterdam. Drouten, who ranked first last year, fell to 21st.

MLDS and HogeNood rank each year based on criteria set by Dutch municipalities. toilet allianceand MLDS is a member of it. The goal is to have a public toilet every 500 meters in areas with more than 2,000 pedestrians per day, every 25 kilometers on cycle paths, and every 5 kilometers on hiking routes. Municipalities can earn a total of 1,000 points based on six metrics, including number of toilets per resident, accessibility of public toilets, and municipal policy on public toilets.

The Veere municipality jumped up from 27th place in last year’s ranking and has made significant improvements this year. It was the first municipality to score above 8 out of 10, achieving 824 out of 1,000. An MLDS spokesperson said the municipality worked closely with his HogeNood and consulted the Toilet Alliance. “Because of this, they knew exactly what to do. The next step is to develop policies now so that the municipality remains toilet-friendly in the future.”

The biggest mover in the ranking is Geldrop-Mierlo, who climbed from 310th to 185th. In the ranking of the largest cities Utrecht was his second, Rotterdam his fifth and Amsterdam his eighth. The Hague, at number 77, is far down the list.

The MLDS usually announces the results of its annual rankings on or around tomorrow, November 19, World Toilet Day.

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