Yoan Moncada’s defensive woes in spotlight with White Sox loss to Guardians

Moncada’s defense hit the spotlight with loss to Guardian originally appeared nbc sports chicago

white sox tone jeopardize the season An 8-2 loss to the Cleveland Guardians was set early on.

After Stephen Kwan did what Stephen Kwan does best, after leading off the top of the 1st with a line drive single to right field, Ahmed Rosario stepped to the plate and hit a soft grounder to third base. .

Yoán Moncada defended the ground ball to open the scoring, but in too casual a manner. Sprinting down the line, Rosario beat an infield hit and set up the Guardian with two runners and none out.

Unfortunately, Moncada’s tough day at the office was just beginning. With the bases loaded and one out after three batters, he skipped a throw to Jose Abreu. On the next pitch, Andrés Jiménez scorched a ground ball and was deflected with a single from Moncada’s glove, allowing another run.

Then, on the first pitch in the top of the third, Moncada and outfielder Andrew Vaughan nearly collided while chasing Josh Naylor’s pop fly with a shallow left. A fly, Naylor crossed home plate after two hitters.

As expected, that first inning and Moncada’s role in it were the topic of discussion during the post-game media session with reporters for acting manager Miguel Cairo.

“He (Moncada) went and got it and he (Rosario) was safe at first,” Cairo told reporters when asked for his perspective on Rosario’s infield hit.

Asked after the game if he had discussed playing with Moncada, Cairo added:

Moncada also spoke to reporters after the game through team interpreter Billy Russo to provide a little more detail.

“I didn’t want to get into a difficult bounce,” Moncada said through Russo. “That’s how you read a ground ball.” “(I) just preferred to stay behind and try to rush at the end. But that wasn’t enough.”

Moncada later added that in his conversation with Cairo, he had to explain his thought process on the play, just as he would with a reporter.

One player wasn’t the only one to suffer a heavy loss in Wednesday’s game. In fact, Moncada occupied one of the White Sox’s two runs and hit a solo homer in the bottom of the fourth.

But not only did the sloppiness lead directly to a run, the Guardians scored two in the first round and three in the third to eventually build a 6-0 lead. Lynn allowed six runs in six innings, but he only scored three of them.

It was Tuesday night’s 11th overtime, and Cleveland scored five runs aided by several White Sox mistakes en route to a pivotal 10-7 victory.

“We didn’t play well. They played better than us,” Cairo told reporters. “They came to play today. We didn’t.”

The truth of those words was clear to everyone.

Contributed by Tim Stebbins of NBC Sports Chicago.

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