WWE Superstar Released Teases AEW Dynamite Debut At Billy Gunn’s ‘Family Therapy’ Session Tonight

On tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, an honorary member of The Acclaimed Billy Gunn is set to solve family troubles. Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae even teased her appearance in the segment.

Ever since Gunn left his sons to join The Accredited, there has been animosity between the Gunn Club and the current AEW World Tag Team Champions. The two teams have faced each other several times.

Austin and Kolten Gunn appeared on AEW Dynamite a few weeks ago, ruined The Acclaimed, and added their names to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It didn’t work out for them, but last week they called out the tag team champions for coming face to face with Billy Gunn. “session.

Former WWE Superstars Ahead of Tonight’s Episode Summer Ray When asked by her fans watching the show tonight, Austin Gunn responded by asking if she would be attending therapy sessions.

She said she was there to lend a shoulder for him and his brother to cry on.

“After seeing how badly your own father treated you all, I think it’s fair to lend a shoulder for your boys to cry on…,” Summer Ray tweeted.

@theaustingunn After seeing how badly your father treated you all, I think it’s fair to lend a shoulder to your boys crying…

The last time the wrestling world saw Summer Rae was at last year’s 30-Women royal rumble match.

Want to see the former WWE Superstar become an All-Elite? Write your thoughts in the comments section below.

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