WWE HOFer Says Undertaker’s American Badass Is Better Than Deadman Persona

The Undertaker brought “The American Badass” persona back to WWE programming for the first time in almost 20 years in a special “Raw is XXX” episode, much to the delight of fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray.

Reacting live to The Undertaker riding his bike down the ramp on Monday night, Ray made a statement that many wrestling fans were talking about.

“American Bad Ass > Deadman. #WWERaw30” Ray tweeted.

Fans reacting to Ray’s opinion were divided, with some claiming that “American Badass” was really Deadman’s alter ego and that the smack-talking biker gimmick never exuded a mystical aura like “genius.” Several others lamented the fact that Taker’s motorcycle-riding character was never revisited by WWE during the retired wrestler’s final years. , American Badass, and Mark Calaway in the form of the “Unholy Trinity”. Boneyard match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

In the early 2000s, The Undertaker first debuted “The American Badass” at Judgment Day in 2000, and over the next four years evolved into “Big Evil” from his Deadman persona (or a variation of his Prince of Darkness gimmick). I left. Team Alliance vs. Team WWE rivalry. After losing a Buried Alive match to Kane at Survivor Series 2003, The Undertaker eventually brought back Deadman for his match against Kane at WrestleMania XX.

Much like The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt has also reinvented himself over the years with different characters. Undertaker basically passed the torch to Wyatt – By whispering a few words and nodding to Wyatt before leaving the ring, many see him as his spiritual successor in the WWE realm. Did. Communicate the importance of the moment on Twitter.

“Moments define this industry. This one was special!” Taker wrote of his in-ring moment with Wyatt.

rear Wyatt himself commented With the legendary gesture, Taker replied, “Respect is earned!”

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