WVSports – Understanding Concussion Protocol in West Virginia

West Virginia running back CJ Donaldson, who is currently recovering from a horrific incident late in the game against Texas, is in concussion protocol.

After what appeared to be normal play, Donaldson, lying motionless on the turf, had to be placed on a stretcher and taken to a local hospital for treatment. A true freshman appeared head-to-head in the Texas defender’s lap and quickly attracted the concern of everyone involved.

Rapid action by medical personnel in both West Virginia and Texas ensured Donaldson was accurately stabilized and transported to a location where he could receive further treatment.

Fortunately, Donaldson was released from the hospital and allowed to return with the team, given the fact that he was alert and had movement in all extremities.

Donaldson will not face Baylor as head coach Neil Brown has already ruled him out as he progresses through the concussion protocol stages. There are four other unnamed players who suffered concussions during the game, leaving their stats up in the air.

“What we’re talking about is if you think there’s something wrong with your child, alert the medical team as soon as possible.” They were a little off, so we said, ‘We need to check,'” Brown said.

The protocol was created by doctors and medical staff in West Virginia and must be sent out each season before the start of fall camp and approved by the NCAA, according to assistant athletic director of football and head athletic trainer Vincent Blankenship. .

Once a player enters concussion protocol, the athlete must be symptom-free for 24 hours before the phase can begin to progress, so Brown has no say in when the player returns to the field. After that, they must complete a full concussion exam and return for a baseline or better exam before final clearance, Blankenship said.

But that time frame can be given to each individual to change the process.

“That’s why we see some players taking considerably longer than others. Now, CJ will be in the Baylor game. I think it’s too early,” Brown said of the players currently in the protocol.

Given the seriousness of the problems that can arise if proper protocols are not followed, Brown is completely hands-off regarding the entire process. is.

“I will do what I am told about it,” he said.

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