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World War Z star won’t give up on discarded sequel (even after 10 years)

world war z A decade later, star Mireille Enos is still hoping a sequel will be made. Pitt) and his efforts to stop the burgeoning zombie apocalypse. In addition to Enos and Pitt, the film’s ensemble cast includes Daniela Kertesz, James Badge Dale, David Morse, Peter Capaldi, and Sterling Jerins.

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Despite its relative ratings and strong box office performance upon release, plan to develop world war z sequel Decommissioned in a recent interview wrapEnos revealed why he didn’t give up on the film, how close it came to being made, and that the script was “wonderfulRead Enos’ comment on the possibility of world war z2 under:

The second script was great. I wish the world could see it. We’re really close to making a sequel. At some point David Fincher signs on. The finished script was fantastic. [and it never got made]But don’t say never. I still think it would be great.

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Will there be a World War Z sequel yet?

With renewed interest in voting for apocalypse and zombie-related content, the walking dead and HBO’s Last of Us, world war z It seems that there is still a sequel. At the end of the film, Jerry injects himself with the pathogen and is confronted by several infected people, but his presence is ignored. There was footage of the vaccine being delivered, but he confirmed that the war against zombies wasn’t over yet.

Previously Fincher’s world war z2The supposed vaccine was only effective for 36 hours, and a scheme was to be put in place to have the infected turn on each other.A director known for works such as Se7en, fight club, Zodiacand Gone Girlcould have made for a compelling sequel, but complications around the budget eventually led to its cancellation. and the many reshoots experienced, it reportedly hit a break-even point.

Enos isn’t the only one wanting a return visit world war zas some fans of the source material expressed disappointment with the first adaptation. world war z2and it will be interesting to see where it goes. Stars like Enos and Pitt could returnstill has a lot of potential for a sequel.

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