Woman attacked and sexually assaulted while jogging on Florida trail

A 22-year-old jogger was attacked and sexually assaulted Monday night while running trails in Florida — just weeks after his Tennessee mother, Eliza Fletcher, was assaulted kidnapped and murdered To a stranger while running.

Police say the young woman was jogging on the West Wekiba Trail and Wekiwa Springs near Harrogate Place at about 8:40 pm Monday night when 19-year-old William Paul Stamper stabbed him from behind. It is said that he approached and knocked him to the ground.

“He was exercising with sexual movements. She showed that he was aroused,” said Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma. told WESH.

After Stamper threw the woman to the ground, she shouted, “Who are you? Stop!” according to an arrest report obtained by the outlet.

Stamper said coldly to her. [expletive] Up, [expletive]’, the report said.

When a bystander heard the two struggling, the victim reportedly told them to call 911.

“They were yelling, am I okay? Are you okay? And they said no, call 911,” the 911 caller told the dispatcher.

Stamper fled before being taken into custody on Tuesday night. He was identified as a person of interest in the incident after police obtained surveillance footage of him from his 911 caller.

William Paul Stamper was charged with sexual assault and held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility.
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

“Capture the man who chases after her, seize the man who drags her away [expletive] After that,” the 911 caller told authorities, WESH reported.

At one point, he was seen on footage wearing a hat, which led police to the stamper’s employer who identified him.

He was charged with sexual assault and held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. He is scheduled to appear in court in October. twenty five, prison records show.

The attack reportedly rocked local communities, and memories of Fletcher’s brutal kidnapping and murder are still on the minds of the nation.

Fletcher was allegedly forced into a car by a 38-year-old career criminal Creosa Abston She was found dead behind an empty building days later when she was running around 4 a.m. in Memphis.

Lindsay Arnett, a young mother who lives in the area, told WESH that she goes running during the day.

“Besides what happened in Tennessee, it’s terrifying to me, especially as a woman,” Arnett said.

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