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Willem Dafoe, Returning as the Green Goblin from the Road of No Return

Spider-Man: No Way Home saw Willem Dafoe’s iconic supervillain The Green Goblin return more than a decade after his last appearance, but it wasn’t until the actor portrayed his signature Marvel character that This may not have been the last time. After appearing as Norman Osborn in Sam Raimi’s first film, spiderman In his 2002 trilogy, Defoe quickly became an integral part of the live-action Spider-Man mythology and set a high bar for web-slinger cinematic antagonists. , Willem Dafoe finally revealed whether he got the part.

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resourcefulness Willem Dafoe’s new role inside Inspire comparisons with his performance in spidermanthe actor has been asked several times in recent weeks about a possible return to Marvel. in poetryDefoe finally revealed what it would take for him to return as the Green Goblin:

I mean, it’s a great role. [were] It was a very different experience, but we both had a great time. ”

of inside The star has proven surprisingly open to the possibility of returning to his iconic supervillain role, praising the character’s dual nature and enjoying his return. revealed no way homeDafoe doesn’t rule out another appearance as the Green Goblin, but hints that the return should be done properly.

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What Spider-Man movie or show could Dafoe’s Green Goblin return to?

Norman Osborn and the Broken Green Goblin mask.

Defoe’s The Green Goblin may return in the future spiderman movie Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Norman Osborn cured Goblin Formula, no way home, his Earth-616 variant has yet to appear. Some theories suggest his fourth film for the as yet untitled Tom Holland. spiderman The franchise has finally been able to introduce Norman Osborn and Oscorp to the MCU.While it’s still highly likely that another actor will play Osborn in the MCU, Dafoe’s recent comments suggest he’ll be on board for years to come. I hope he can reprise his role again as a new variant of Norman Osborn who can threaten Spider-Man.

Conversely, the MCU may find it easier to reintroduce Dafoe’s Green Goblin in an animated medium.nevertheless disney plus Spider-Man: Freshman Includes another Norman Osborn. what if…? You can easily include another view no way home‘send. Returning to voice Willem Dafoe would prove that voicing his iconic character would certainly be easier and less expensive for Marvel than a live-action appearance, and another actor has been cast as Osbourne. It also makes it possible to take over as an Earth-616 variant. what if…? With it taking longer to arrive than originally anticipated, the possibility of Dafoe returning will certainly build excitement ahead of the show’s next batch of episodes.

Apart from the MCU, Defoe’s Green Goblin could appear in a future Sony movie set within the company’s own franchise of Marvel characters. Michael Keaton’s Vulture is here Morbius following the event of no way homesuggests that other Spider-Man villains could also be ported to the Venomverse. included spiderman Trilogy. The prospect of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin returning to face off against Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is exciting, and finally made possible by their exciting appearances. Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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