Will the next iPhone be charged wirelessly?

You may not need to reconnect your iPhone.

Apple has joined an industry group that specializes in wireless charging, adding to existing rumors that the next iPhone will be charged without a cord. The Wireless Power Consortium, which consists of about 200 organizations promoting a single wireless charging standard, confirmed to CNN Tech that Apple joined the group last week.

Rumors of the iPhone swirl months before the new version is announced, and the hype about the so-called “iPhone 8” is particularly high. Apple ((((AAPL). To commemorate the 10th anniversary of smartphones, we plan to announce a major redesign this fall.

The company is already interested in getting rid of the tedious code. The Apple Watch charges wirelessly, provided that consumers spend $ 79 on the magnetic charging dock. Also, the latest MacBooks come with only one USB port.

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Apple will also generate another source of revenue for the iPhone by selling wireless charging stations separately. This feature makes it easier for smartphone owners to charge. Users simply place their phone in the charging dock instead of connecting it.

Apple said in a statement Monday that it would join the Wireless Power Consortium to provide its ideas as the wireless charging standard develops.

Other rumors about the next possible iPhone features include an end-to-end display, a glass body, and the removal of the home button.

CNNMoney (Washington) February 13, 2017 First Edition: 2:42 pm ET

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