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Will I be exempted from paying the fee if I am not enrolled in health insurance?

published to February 25, 2015

most people don’t have Eligible Health Insurance In 2014 it must be one of pay the fee Or you are eligible for a “health insurance exemption”.

Experienced people are exempt specific life events, income, household size, changes in health insurance, or whether you are a member of a particular group. If you meet the conditions, you don’t have to pay the fee.

Our new waiver tool can help. You can discover:

  • Exemptions that may apply to you
  • Details to help you decide whether to apply
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to apply using the tax form

Look for exemptions

This tool provides a lot of useful information, but I’m not sure if you actually qualify for the exemption. You can only see if any of the exemptions apply to you and how to apply.You can apply for exemption by filling out IRS Form 8965 (PDF, 73 KB) or other forms when filing taxes.Click here for details How to apply for exemption.

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