Why was Dillon Brooks fined by the NBA? Consequences of imposition explained by photographer

Dillon Brooks has made headlines for far more than just his pre-match outfit. .

Brooks made headlines this week for forcing a cameraman to the sideline after going for a loose ball in the second quarter of a Grizzlies showdown in Miami. The league issued a statement on the matter, saying that Brooks will be fined $35,000 for “unsportsmanlike conduct in pushing a cameraman.”

For Brooks, 16, who leads the league in technical fouls alongside Luka Doncic and Draymond Green this season, he will have to walk cautiously into the playoffs. From now on, Brooks will receive another suspension every two technicals.

Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks Beef

Dillon Brooks’ recent $35,000 fine has put his relationship with Draymond Green back in the headlines. Brooks wanted to make his presence felt when the Grizzlies faced the Warriors. I was trying to react.

Green was no bait, but the four-time champion didn’t deter after hearing Brooks rip him and the Warriors after the game. He initially declined to comment, but later refuted on the podcast, saying the Grizzlies weren’t in a rivalry, and concluded his talk about the rivalry between the two teams.

“He said, ‘I don’t like Golden State.’ Frankly, I don’t like teams that beat me all the time either. That’s No. 2. ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with them.'” Frankly, you were a little kid in high school watching us win a championship. ”

Of course, the two teams are set to meet again on Saturday, and the rivalry could rear its ugly head once again. Green scored his 16th technical foul since the two teams last faced off. Only time will tell if he’s willing to take Brooks’ bait knowing he won’t be facing a suspension anytime soon.

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