Why Steve Kerr and Bob Myers were surprised by Jonathan Cuminga’s attitude rumors

Why rumors about Kuminga’s attitude shocked Kerr and Myers originally appeared NBC Sports Bay Area

Warriors impressed Jonathan Kuminga‘s offseason work and early reports questioning his demeanor confused Steve Kerr and Bob Myers.

On an episode of “First Take” in August. 23, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith expressed concern about Kuminga going into a second season, citing his lack of discipline off the court. He claimed to have heard rumors. ‘Short Change’ Warriors.

Kerr joins Athletic’s Tim Kawakami in latest episode “TK Show” Podcasthe raved about the work Kuminga did during the offseason, and during his rookie season with veteran Andre Iguodala draymond green Holding him accountable and how those learning experiences have benefited him.

“Well, I think what you said happened last season,” Kerr said. “That’s part of being a young man and it’s a big part of having Andre and Draymond and having these mentors, so it’s all perfectly normal. , I want the older guys to see the commitment it takes to mentor them, and that’s exactly what happened last year.

“JK had a really great summer. He did everything we asked him to do. I’ve traveled and he works really hard.”

In a report that cast doubt on Kuminga’s demeanor, Carr was caught off guard about the allegations made by Smith, and what he saw from Kuminga over the summer completely contradicted the rumors.

“I know there have been strange reports. I think Stephen A. Smith said something about JK. Honestly, Bob [Myers] When it came out, I called each other and asked each other, “Where did that come from?” I enjoy mentoring him because he did everything I asked him to do and he worked hard.He is where he needs to be and has to keep improving every day.But We are very happy with his summer and everything he has committed.”

Iguodala herself In response to Stephen A.’s claim and echoed sentiments similar to those expressed by Carr.

“My young man, I’m on his head,” Iguodala said on an episode of the “Point Forward” podcast. , he was doing what he should have done this summer, so I don’t know how much they were justified.”

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Coming into his second season, Kuminga has the opportunity to play a big role with the Warriors, and his coach says he’s making good progress heading into training camp.

Kerr and Iguodala refuted the allegations with nearly identical reactions, which should give Warriors fans confidence that Kuminga is going the way the team hoped.

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