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Why official figures for coronavirus deaths are misleading

About 7 million people have died related to Covid-19, according to WHO. But it’s probably still unresolved.

3 years of emergency

About 7 million people have died related to Covid-19, according to WHO. But it’s probably still unresolved.

Steve Bissen (Text), Christian Mertes und Mara Mohnen (Graphics)

6,866,434 Victims: According to WHO, this is the official number of Covid-19-related deaths worldwide in the past three years. In the United States alone he recorded more than a million deaths, but Africa, China and parts of Asia were far less affected by the pandemic. However, these data should be used with extreme caution. It is no coincidence that Europe and the Americas have the highest number of confirmed cases. Depending on the country, either Corona-Stabefel Nicht Auschtrich Documentiert-Chinese Propaganda Zwecken or North Korea or Manger and Resource Statistics Bureau.

Am 31. März läuft das Covid-Gesetz im Großduerzogtum aus. Am Friday billigte der Regierungsrat nun das Folgegesetz.

So the so-called Übersterblichkeit also applies as a more important indicator compared to the officially recorded number of deaths. She explains why the death toll during the corona pandemic is higher than in previous years.A study released by the WHO in December 2022 found that in 2020 and 2021 alone, a total of 14.8 million Mengcheng will die. Died because of the pandemic and wouldn’t have died without Corona. The estimates already made at that time were therefore clearly higher than the previously reported 7 million corona deaths.

Global Corona death toll:

coronavirus 6,866,434

Source: WHO | Status: 13.3.2023


Deaths related to Covid-19:

coronavirus 1.222

Source: Gesundheit Ministry | Status: 13.3.2023

Corona totes per 100,000 population:

bar graph 194.85

Source: WHO | Status: 13.3.2023

Number of registered corona cases:

medical mask 317.367

Source: WHO | Status: 13.3.2023
This includes people who have been repeatedly infected with Covid-19.

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