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When a dream collides with reality. When you are at a difficult crossroads in your life. When you have to decide whether to make history or to make history.

just now Neymar Standing at a crossroads.

A 21st century football brand Supported by endless promises. The social, commercial and cultural phenomenon of riches. A superstar who is not a stranger to public surveillance.

But when it comes to the bright light of the biggest stage of European football, Champions League -He is trapped in a permanent cycle of repetition.

A One-time winnerYes-but with some help from his once-famous South American counterparts Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. “MSN” Triumvirate in Barcelona.

upon Two opportunities Misfortune colluded to overturn the chance of a Brazilian genius to seize the competition with the red and blue nape of Paris Saint-Germain.

It’s 2020. Are you lucky for the third time? Is this the Moments of Truth in Neymar?

Currently, there are three games between the European Enlightenment “Red Pill” and another footnote “Blue Pill” on the 28-year-old Wikipedia page.

“This year is the year he can really redeem himself. […] These three games can change everything […] I don’t think he will have another opportunity like this, “says Brazilian football journalist Fernando Kallás. CNN sports.

Since flagging the cobbled streets of Paris in June 2011, PSG Qatar investors have not kept their ultimate goal of continental supremacy secret.

At home, it was an era defined by relentless rule. 7 Top Flight League Titles And including 5 French cups 4 treble in 6 seasons..

But when Europe is a combination lock, they have been intermittently looking for locksmiths with elusive keys. They tried to decipher complex code seven times and failed. Each failure was more painful and painful than last time.

“When a specific timeline is set and past that timeline each season, the weight of history is weakening as PSG seems to move away,” explains French football expert Jonathan Johnson. To do.

Neymar World Record Signature from Barcelona in August 2017- For $ 263 million, which is still daunting -The purpose was to deliver the knight in shining armor.

Instead of being a backup singer for Messi and Suarez, he has become a prestigious performer with a thrill and a license to become the best in the world.

For some, it was a game changer. For crows, it remains “the biggest mistake in sports history.”

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Striker celebrated his third anniversary last week after his move. I have written “(These) had a lot of knowledge. I have lived in times of joy and some complex times.”

His bond with supporters in the city of love is rippling the entire range of Facebook relationship status: from “married” to “separated” to “it’s complicated”.

The charm of Catalunya’s ex-girlfriend remains in the background.

A Pulled out for a long time, But in the end it failed, last summer’s serenade Bringing Brazilians back to Camp Nou The boiling tension of Paris was boiled.

The love-hate dynamics around the polarized person were probably best encapsulated in the 2019-20 season’s first league appearance of superstars.

After constantly booing for 90 minutes, he showed off a noble bike kick that won the game by the time he died. -Half of the denialists are crazy about it. The other half was furious.

The crow draws a picture in which the jury also splits in the middle along the boundaries of the Brazilian generation. A young pretender who worships “images, smiles, tattoos” is in contrast to old guards who are “really worried about him.”

Since then, the Cold War in Paris has been lifted and returning to the future-for now-with the recognition that it is not an imminent outlook.

“He showed on the pitch, and then he’s committed to the project […] He is really a PSG player and must accept the challenge of achieving something, especially in the Champions League in Paris, “says Johnson.

The question remains away from it while the new leaves may have been directed to the pitch.

Ups and downs: Brazilian relationships with PSG loyal people are rippling between periods of love and hate

Neymar’s personal life is sometimes full of intrigue, with fascinating telenovela features, supported by all-inclusive aides.

Last year he Brazilian model accused former Brazilian captain of rape and assault..

This year he was forced to miss the league due to an injury- Two days after hosting a gorgeous birthday party at a nightclub in Paris..

People who are willing to accept him for a successful despair: Can a boy be a man?

“In Brazil, there is an expression that he (Neymar) is an infinite promise. […] That he is “Menino Neymar” (“Baby Neymar”)-he is not a boy […] He needs to be real […] He has to grow, “says Crow, who has been chasing the challenges and hardships of Brazilians on and off the pitch.

“When he’s on the pitch, he delivers […] I haven’t heard any complaints from coaches or other players about his attitude in training in the locker room. ”

COPA90: Retro game with Neymar

And for all the goals, assists, and silverware so far, history and biology have given the glittering toe star a cruel hand-his voice at the end of the business of the European football elite club tournament. Starving him for the opportunity to have.

The shortening of the 2018 and 2019 seasons due to injuries coincided with the dramatic presence from PSG’s 16-stage round. real madrid When Manchester UnitedRespectively.

“That’s why the rest of this campaign is so important, and that’s why he’s under such close scrutiny,” says Johnson.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly (and probably in favor of PSG) changed the dynamics of this year’s tournament finale.

The two-legged knockout after the quarter-final stage has been eliminated and replaced by a one-legged shootout. All in the bubble of Lisbon.

With the departing sniper Edinson Cavani Recently resigned from Kylian MbappeThe floor is Neymar.

First, Atalanta’s surprise package quaterfinalsAfter that, the fight against Atletico Madrid could intensify in the semi-finals, after which the winner can win all the finals.

According to Johnson, the development of competition will “really give the (Qatar) project the shots needed after years of massive disappointment,” but for Crow this month, this month’s career will define the two. A year for individuals at the heart of a story that could be the beginning.

Brazil contract is set to expire in 2022 The World Cup in Qatar that same year could be his last match in a Brazilian jersey. This is a very simple “success or failure”.

“We always say” This year will be this year. No-this year is this year. No-this year will be this year ” […] He is 28 years old, he should be at the peak of his career, but he is not […] That is his last chance. ”

Telenovela had an unexpected plot twist, a moment of madness, and an explosion of brilliance. Now it’s up to the protagonist to script the ending of the showpiece.

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