Why Mckenna Grace Is ‘Honored’ To Play Younger Versions Of Actresses Like Margot Robbie, Brie Larson In Film

At only 16 years old, McKenna Grace Her IMDb page already has 70 credits. That’s a staggering amount for her to be one of the most successful and prolific child actors of her generation.That her impressive body of work includes Grace becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to actresses, playing younger versions of adult characters and performing in Margot’s Robbie (2017’s I’m Tonya), Brie Larson (2019s) captain marvel), Amanda Seyfried (2020s) Scoob!), Jennifer Morrison (2011-2018) once upon a time) more. much more.

“I wrote it down because it’s so funny. I think I played 12 or 13 younger versions,” laughs Grace in a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment. “But it was definitely more of what I did.

“I’m honored to have played any of the younger versions because so many of these women that I work with are so strong and cool and are great role models for me as a young girl and a young woman. It’s been great to talk to so many people in the industry and hear their opinions and information about the industry and what it’s like for them. ”

McKenna Grace I’m Tonya. (neon)

Grace isn’t playing young Anna Paquin in her latest project, the Peacock drama series. family friendbut she also enjoyed working with the Academy Award-winning actress in her breakout role at age 11. piano.

“It’s been really nice to work with her because it’s not every day that someone who was a child actor is now an adult to work with,” says Grace. , a female child actor, not someone who is now an adult, and not someone who has the kind of successful and insane career she has had since she was young.”

In the nine-episode miniseries, Grace stars as Jan Broberg, a real-life Idaho teen who is twice kidnapped by close family friend Robert Burchtold (Jake Lacy). Paquin co-stars as her mother, Mary Ann, and Colin Hanks as her father, Bob.

McKenna Grace (Peacock) in

McKenna Grace family friend. (Peacock)

Grace has appeared in her fair share of dark and scary dishes. malignant When Hill House Tatari (And yes, she also played younger versions of adult characters in both of these projects.) But friend Hit a specific nerve.

“Hearing the story for the first time, watching the documentary, reading the script, I was so shocked,” she says. “I couldn’t believe this happened. But what was scarier was that I was like, ‘Wow, this happened?'” [how] This can happen to anyone.

“I think that’s what makes this show scarier than any horror movie or fiction. It’s that it’s real.”

-Interview and video production by Kyle Moss.Edited by Steve Michelle

family friend I’m streaming on Peacock.

Watch the trailer:

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