Why is Priscilla Presley fighting Riley Keough? Family feud explored as legal battle heats up after Lisa Marie Presley’s death

The legal battle between American actress Priscilla Presley and her granddaughter Riley Keough has intensified following a recent court hearing over custody of Lisa Marie Presley and her ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

Earlier this week, Lockwood, who shared twin girls Harper and Finley with Lisa Marie, was granted full custody of the children after Lisa Marie’s death in January 2023.

Lisa Marie got into a seven-year battle with Lockwood before her premature deathAccording to the New Zealand Herald, Priscilla Presley didn’t contest the court’s decision, so she didn’t appear to be refuting it.

According to the Daily Mail, Keough is “angry” about the legal ruling, and Priscilla’s choice not to voice her disapproval only deepens the existing controversy surrounding Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion.

Keough is said to have sided with her mother during the nasty divorce and custody battle, and believes the court’s decision meant she “lost” her stepsister to an “outsider.” ing.

Priscilla was also aggravating Keough after Lisa Marie’s death. 54 year old burial with Lockwood, despite Keough revealing he was not invited.

A little background on the Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough controversy

The controversy between Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough began shortly after the death of Lisa Marie Presley on January 12, 2023. Tensions are now high over who should or should not be the trustees of the Graceland mansion in Riley’s name. Lisa Marie, alongside Vernon Presley, Elvis Presley Vernon died two years later and Lisa Marie inherited the entire estate.

But since she was 11 at the time, Vernon named Priscilla co-executors of the estate along with the family’s longtime accountant, Joseph Hanks, and the National Bank of Commerce in Memphis. The trio managed Lisa’s estate until she turned 25, after which she became the sole beneficiary.

According to The New York Times, in 1993, after Lisa turned 25, she founded the Promenade Trust with Priscilla Presley and the family’s business manager, Barry Siegel, as trustees. The press also reported that Lisa Marie changed her living trust in 2016, and after her death, she named Riley and Benjamin Keough as her co-trustees. This led to Lisa Marie becoming her trustee, replacing her mother and Siegel.

Then, in 2020, Benjamin committed suicide, making Riley the sole heir to the trust after the singer’s death.

Things started to get worse after Lisa Marie died of cardiac arrest on January 12th.

The New York Times reported that Priscilla sought LA ​​Superior Court It examines the “credibility and validity” of Lisa Marie’s 2016 trust change two weeks after her death. Claimed the change was void. lights out The singer is alive and the signature difference is evident, so it could be a fake.

Recently, news outlet Marca reported that Riley Keough, who has not seen Priscilla “eye to eye”, changed the locks on the Graceland mansion, locking the former actress outside the estate.

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