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Why is it important to have health insurance

published to November 21, 2018

Staying healthy is important. This Thanksgiving, give yourself the peace of mind that having health insurance have up to December 15, 2018 Joining or changing health insurance for 2019.

Why do you care about health insurance?

  • Health insurance provides financial protection in the event of a serious accident or illness. For example, a broken leg can cost up to $7,500. Health insurance can help protect you from unexpected and expensive expenses.
  • Marketplace coverage gives you access to the following products preventive services — like immunizations and screening tests — are free. Receiving recommended preventive services is an important step towards health and well-being.
  • When applying for insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace®, find out if you qualify for savings that can lower your premiums. Before applying Select household size, state and income range Check if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Ready to apply? Please refer to Different ways to apply for health insurance in 2019..

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