Who is Joaquin Valente?Meet Gisele Bundchen’s new man after Tom Brady

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Gisele Bundchen is back in the dating game her divorce from Tom Brady Step out with Joaquim Valente Saturday.

The duo enjoyed a dinner date with the 42-year-old supermodel’s two children, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, while on vacation in Costa Rica.

The outing came one month after Bündchen and Brady (45). finalized their divorce 13 years after marriage.

So who is the mysterious man romancing the Victoria’s Secret Angel? Here’s everything you need to know about Valente.

I am a jiu-jitsu instructor

Joakim Valente
Valente teaches jiu-jitsu at the family’s Valente Brothers facility.
Valentine Brothers/Instagram

Joaquim and his brothers Pedro Valente and Gui Valente began learning jiu-jitsu “from their father before they could walk” and now teach at the Valente Brothers facility.

“Pedro, Gui and Joaquim were just two years old and had private lessons from Grandmaster Helio Gracie.” read company website“Growing up, the Valente brothers trained daily at Rio de Janeiro’s Gracie Academy.”

Pedro began teaching classes in Miami, Florida in 1993 and five years later launched his family’s full-time academy.

Joaquim was ‘still living’ and ‘working’ in Brazil at the time[ing] directly with Grandmaster Elio,[ing] Pedro and Gui have valuable information,” he said, following him to the United States in 2007.

he studied at Barry College

Joakim Valente


Athlete holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.
Valentine Brothers/Instagram

according to Joaquim’s LinkedIn Pagehe began attending Barry College in 2007 and graduated four years later with a degree in criminology.

Joaquim’s current age is unknown, celebrate his birthday November, aged 6, attended K-12 school in Rio de Janeiro from 1990-2007.

he lives in florida

Joaquim moved from Brazil to Florida to study at Barry College and has lived in Florida ever since.

The athlete teaches with his family at the Valente Brothers headquarters in Miami Beach. (The company’s affiliates in Pembroke Pines and Coral Gables are independently owned and operated.)

He had a previous relationship with Bundchen

In 2021, Joachim and his brother posed alongside Bundchen. dust magazine spread.

Supermodel A glimpse into one of their training sessions via Instagram in February of the following year.

“I think the more tools in your toolbox, the better,” Bündchen captioned the footage. “Since I started practicing self-defense, I feel stronger, more confident and empowered. I think it’s an important skill for everyone, but especially for us women.

“Thank you @ValenteBrothers for being a great teacher and making training so much fun,” she continued. “I look forward to continuing to improve.

Brady reacted Via Twitter At the time, he joked, “I can count the number of days I leave dishes in the sink.”

he cares about his family

Joaquim’s Instagram may be private, but his Twitter account shows many messages lovingly dedicated to his family.

‘Today the greatest man was born,’ says Joachim wrote about his father November 2018. Thank you for always being by my side. I have many wonderful memories. ”

In February of the following year, he wrote a touching tribute To my brother Pedro.

“Your dedication, dedication and self-discipline are commendable,” Joaquim exclaimed. “Thank you for being a great example for me from the day I was born.”


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