‘who cares.We’re talking about Stillwater. Paul Feinbaum blows up Bedlam, Oklahoma

“The Paul Finebaum Show” host and advocate for all things SEC, Paul Finebaum, was asked about his remarks on ESPN Wednesday morning. Made by Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gandy at the end of Bedlam.Cowboys Annual Football Game vs. Oklahoma Sooners Held annually since 1910.

Feinbaum did not hesitate.

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By the end of the video, Finebaum fully understands this issue. why highlight?

“Nobody cares…we’re talking about Stillwater, Oklahoma.”

“Mike Gundy hasn’t said anything significant since ‘I’m 40, I’m a man'”

“What he (Gandy) said yesterday is nonsense. Oklahoma is ahead. They’ll play Alabama. They’ll still play Texas. They’ll play A&M and Georgia. Let’s go.”

“This (Bedlam) is a nice little game in a small state, but for the rest of the country…I’m taking a big yawn this morning.”

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Why is the OU and Oklahoma State Football Bedlam series ending?

Both OU and Oklahoma have tentatively agreed that the Bedlam series will end once the Sooners join the SEC. This will be done by the 2025 NCAA football season.

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Can Bedlam reopen between OU and Oklahoma State Football at some point?

probably. Oklahoma’s Berry Trammell points out that some of his longtime NCAA football rivalries were once thought to be over once and for all. rekindled in the pastAfter OU joins the SEC, what will it take for the Sooners and Cowboys to play against each other during the NCAA football regular season?

This is the logistical challenge. Bedlam may have to die to realize what will be missed when the keepers are gone.

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