Who can deny happy hour with Zac Efron and Russell Crowe?

‘Beer’ is an island happy hour

Starring in the new comedy-drama-action movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, Bill Murray.probably from a legitimate story a book In the work of author Joanna Molloy, a 26-year-old Marine Corps veteran leaves New York for a beer with a childhood friend in Vietnam.

Norman Lear screened this for a friend. Where did he screen it? Martha’s Vineyard. Where on Martha’s Vineyard? The large home of former Secretary of State John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, wife of Heinz Ketchup Heinz. Realize that even the private bathroom mirror, where Kelly fluffs a well-kept pompadour, wasn’t anywhere near a single immigrant.

Big TV producer and World War II veteran Lear said:

it’s all add up

Advertising Week, a four-day event, October 17-20. A speaker on his line of downtown Markets discusses practices, tips, news, and the industry first-hand.

Deepak Chopra: Awakened Life. Awaken to a new level of consciousness that fosters clarity of vision, heals pain in the mind and body, and reclaims who you really are. Political Analyst Donny Deutsch: Media relations, midterm elections, how everyone has a brand, including politicians.

advertising week
This year’s Advertising Week will be held at Market Line downtown.
Grant Ramos IV

The seminar will tell you everything except whether the 12th vaccination is necessary.

tom time

John Stamos Memoirs”if you told me40 Years of Incompetent Kid to Soap ‘General Hospital’, B’way, 40 Years of Film and TV Talk, Drummer/Singer/Musician Unloads News. Autumn next year. Henry Holt, Publisher.

theater play equipment

Linda Lavin’s play at the great Roundabout Theater doesn’t have a great title.you get sick

“It opens in November. 6. It’s harder to remember when you’re older. I have an assistant because I talk to myself. [Remember the play’s title?] Now I am taking tests every day. I sit outside, go to bed early, and don’t go out much except to see Billy Stritch at Birdland.

“Life is short. Disappointment. Pain. I’m going to take a few days off because of this.My beloved husband of 16 years.

Billy Stritch performs on stage at Stan Ponte’s 50th Finale Birthday Celebration at City Winery NYC in 2022.
Getty Images for Stan Ponte

“I take spiritual baths, reach for positive thoughts, stay hopeful, and stay away from negativity. We also have stores in New York, California, Costa Rica, and Great Barrington.” It helps with positivity.

correct course?

Question: Why are so many university professors so extremist? Leftists? ideology? Advocate for social justice? Direct our young fertile minds against judgments, governments, establishments, histories, parents, customs, dress, manners, social justice? Is it because you don’t have to chew and scratch to make dollars in the world? Can someone explain this to me?

While disrupting the UN and traffic, the French president stormed the Tudor City Steakhouse. He and his delegation of 12 inhaled his wines, New York sirloin, Idaho potatoes and California cabernet he sauvignon. By the time the French prez had good food— Only New York, children, only New York.

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