White Sox Playoff Odds After Guardian Sweep, Standing Tracker

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of white socksAL Central’s deficit has fluctuated this season, but has never exceeded 6.5 games.

The Guardians completed a three-game sweep of the White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field on Thursday, bringing the Sox back to seven games and playing 12 games.

The sweep brings Cleveland closer to wrapping things up and winning AL Central. They were able to do so with their help this weekend.

Here’s what you need to know about where the White Sox are in the remaining 12 playoff games.

AL Central Standings (through Thursday)

1. Guardian: 83-67

2nd White Sox: 76-74 (7 games behind)

3. Twins: 73-77 (10 game back)

4. Royals (Eliminated)

5. Tigers (Eliminated)

AL Wildcard Standings (Top 3 qualified)

1. Blue Jays: 84-66 (+1.5 games)

2. Raise: 83-67 (+ 1/2 game)

3. Mariners: 82-67 ( – )

4. Orioles: 78-71 (4 games behind)

5. White Sox: 76-74 (6.5 games behind)

Head-to-head record (tie breaker)

White Sox: 2-4 vs. Blue Jays (lose tiebreak), 4-2 vs. Mariners (win), 4-2 vs. Rays (win), 2-5 vs. Orioles (lose)

Guardians: 12-7 vs. White Sox (tiebreaker)

In the event of a tie, the head-to-head record will be the first tiebreaker of the season. No Game 163s.

magic number

The magic number for the Guardians to win AL Central is 5. This marked Cleveland securing a tiebreak against the White Sox.

The White Sox have seven eliminations in the wild card race.

playoff odds

Let’s take a look at some White Sox playoff odds going into Thursday’s series finale against the Guardians, according to FanGraphs.

  • Category winner: 0.8% probability

  • Clinch Wildcard Slot: 2.5%

  • Playoff berth: 3.3%

the rest of the schedule

White Sox (12 games): vs. Tigers (3), Twins (3), Padres (3), vs. Twins (3)

Mariners (13 games): Royals (3 games), vs. Rangers (3) vs. A (3), vs. Tigers (4)

Guardians (12 games): Rangers (3 games), vs. Rays (3), vs. Royals (6)

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