Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Dolphins upset shakes top spot

The argument for NFL parity has never been stronger.

The eight teams that failed to make the playoffs last season won at least two of their first three games. Nearly half the league (14 of 32 teams) has his 1-2 record.

It’s the second time the 30 teams have won at least one game in three weeks since the league moved to eight divisions in 2002, according to NFL Communications. The only two teams he didn’t win were the Texans, who were highly anticipated, and the Raiders, who were totally unanticipated. That means 2022 is lining up with four seasons with the fewest zero-win teams after three weeks since his 1970.

Here are The Post’s Power Rankings for Week 4:

1. Miami Dolphins 3-0 (last week: 7)

This perfect start with wins over the Patriots, Ravens and Bills is far more impressive than the Dolphins’ final 3-0 start over the Titans, Jets and Raiders in 2018. Proof that all is well for the Dolphins: They survived a little off the upback ass To be safe, they beat the Bills 21-19.

The Dolphins stole the ball from Bills quarterback Josh in a 21-19 win.
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2. Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 (5)

Forget proving that he’s worthy of being the starting quarterback. Or was he the right choice to take over for Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts is an early contender for NFL MVP after throwing his three touchdown passes to three top weapons. Defense hero Carson Wentz led Washington to 50 total yards in the first half of his 24–8 win.

3. Buffalo Bills 2-1 (1)

The score was everything and the Bills lost to the Dolphins.So, how Josh Allen hit his career-high 42 passes, how the Bills ran his amazing 90 offensive plays, and how many Dolphins offensive yards (497-212) he had. Who cares that it’s more than doubled?Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey He lost his cool when the clock ran out.

4. Los Angeles Rams 2-1 (6)

Welcome back, Cam Akers. The once-promising running back bounced off a tackler and scored a touchdown in a 20-12 victory over the Cardinals. Akers missed all but one game in the regular season last season and was minimal in the first two games of the season, the Rams said in his final 12 games against the NFC West that he had 11 wins and 1 loss (including playoffs).

5. Kansas City Chiefs 2-1 (2)

The Chiefs keep giving the desperate Colts chances. Matt Amendola missed his two kicks. Fake field goal failed. Chris Jones committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to nullify a 4th down and extend what proved to be the decisive drive in the 20–17 defeat.Patrick Mahomes and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy Said at the end of the first half.

6. Minnesota Vikings 2-1 (8)

After losing quite a few numbers in close games in recent years, the Vikings overcame a 14-point deficit to equalize, then overcame another 10-point deficit to snatch a 28-24 victory from the Lions. I was. Alexander Mathison and KJ Osborne scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, not the expected duo of Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson.

7. Green Bay Packers 2-1 (9)

Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdown passes from inside the 10-yard line, showing a much improved defense against Tom Brady in a 14-12 win over the Buccaneers. This was the first game in NFL history to feature his quarterback starting at least for an opponent with three of his NFL MVPs. Remember this win as a tiebreaker for his seed in the NFC playoffs.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers meet after the Packers win in Tampa Bay.
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers meet after the Packers win in Tampa Bay.
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8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (3)

With Mike Evans suspended and Chris Godwin injured, Brady played with limited weapons. For the second straight week, the Bucks didn’t score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. They were held to less than 200 total yards into the final possession, but nearly tied the defensive fight with 14 seconds remaining – Until Brady’s 2-point conversion pass went incomplete.

9. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (10)

Lamar Jackson had 5 touchdowns (4 passing, 1 rushing) in the 37-26 win over the Patriots, making him the only Super Bowl-era player with 3 or more passing touchdowns and 100 rushing yards. Became the first player. back game. Justin Tucker hit his goal on the field for the 50th time in his career over 50 yards.

Ten. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 (12)

Cooper Rush has a truly magical touch and has improved to a 3-0 record as a starter over the past two seasons. But head coach Mike McCarthy puts all the ideas of the Jerry Jones-fueled quarterback controversy to bed when Dak Prescott returns: NFC East and he believes the NFC North will have more than 500 teams. There are only 3 of him and he’s only 2 divisions.

11. Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (3)

12. Cleveland Browns 2-1 (23)

13. Denver Broncos 2-1 (19)

14. New York Giants 2-1 (14)

The Giants suffered their first loss under Brian Dabor, losing 23–16 to the Cowboys on “Monday Night Football.”of broken offensive line, surrendered 5 sacks and 23 pressure. This was the most pressured of Daniel Jones’ professional career. Kenny Goladay failed to record a catch again.

15. Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 (20)

16. San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (11)

17. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (26)

Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars pulled off an impressive victory over the Chargers, going 2-1.
Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars pulled off an impressive victory over the Chargers, going 2-1.
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19. Chicago Bears 2-1 (27)

20. Arizona Cardinals 1-2 (13)

21. New England Patriots 1-2 (15)

22. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 (16)

23. Tennessee Titans 1-2 (28)

24. Carolina Panthers 1-2 (31)

25. New Orleans Saints 1-2 (17)

26. Detroit Lions 1-2 (24)

27. New York Jets 1-2 (22)

How close are the Jets to a 0-3 start after being beaten by the Bengals? He held a lead of 22 seconds out of 180 minutes. Without two miraculous touchdowns and an onside kick recovery over a 60-second span, the Browns couldn’t have taken the win. Zach Wilson is set to return from injury this week.

28. Washington Commanders 1-2 (25)

29. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (32)

30. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (18)

31. Las Vegas Raiders 0-3 (21)

32. Houston Texans 0-2-1 (30)

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