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Strawberries and cream, grassy slopes, and a quiet environment in London’s lush greenery. Wimbledon It ’s a world away from Ukraine where the bombs still fall. It’s been four months since Russia invaded.

But for Ukrainians competing in SW19, war never really leaves them.

On Wednesday, Angelina Karinina will face Resia Turenko in the second round of all Ukraine games, where they want to be able to draw attention to the ongoing plight of their country.

Millions of refugees have been raised since Russia launched the war in Ukraine in February Escaped from Ukraine Her family is uprooted in neighboring countries and for Karinina.

She told reporters on Monday that her parents’ house Irpin’s Kyiv suburbs “They are alive, they are safe,” he was bombed, but “living on a bag and praying every day.”

“There are huge holes in the house, like huge holes,” she said, before revealing that the family now lives with her and her husband.

“It’s a very small apartment for my family, because my mother, father, brothers, and they have pets.

“They are so happy and we are grateful … they have a place to move from the city of Irpin because Irpin was completely bombed.”

“I’m helping a lot of my grandmother and grandfather who are currently in the occupied territories,” she added.

“They can’t leave, so next door is like a Russian soldier with all his troops.”

Carinina secured £ 78,000 ($ 96,000) to help her family after defeating Anna Bon d’Ar with 4-66-26-4 in the first round. Wins in the second round total £ 120,000 ($ 147,000).

“I understand it’s difficult to focus, but for me it’s important to win or lose,” Karinina said.

“If you go further, you can make more money, and I can help, not just my family, but as much as I can. That’s why it’s important to me.”

Her opponent, Tsurenko, on Wednesday has worked with psychologists to navigate the trauma caused by the war.

Tsurenko’s mother continues to live in southern Ukraine, but her sister now lives in Italy near her, where she spent three months of war in Ukraine.

“I feel sick,” she told reporters. “Especially, I’m really worried because I know they’re trying to get one object from the building I live in, 100 meters away from my house.

“When the war begins, I begin to feel this tension in myself … this feeling, this tension is released only at the end of the war. There is nothing I can do about it.”

In the last Grand Slam of the year, Tsurenko was drawn to the final tournament champion in the opening round-Australian Open Ashleigh Barty and French Open Igasuia Tech.

Tsurenko reached the US Open quarterfinals in 2018.

However, in Wimbledon, Tsurenko won a more favorable first-round opponent and sent Britain’s Jody Burridge with a 6-2 6-2 victory.

Like Carinina, her motivation to continue playing tennis comes from using her platform to help her country.

“I can hold all the sportsmen who can participate in the competition, all the singers who go to Poland, Germany, and all the concerts so that the Ukrainians can just go and remind us all over the world. I think I’m here, we’re still at war, and we need your help, “she said.

“This is the main thing I want to happen. We get a lot of heavy weapons. I just want to remind you. [people] Ukraine has a problem and we need help. ”

Russian airstrikes on the same day as Tsurenko’s first match at Wimbledon Kremenchuk shopping mall, Central Ukraine killed at least 18 people.

The tennis player said the hardest part for her was knowing the people at the forefront.

“I don’t know what’s going on with a man because he was taken to a Russian,” she said.

“We know he’s alive. Currently, two more men are fighting there, but a few have already died because of the war.”

On Monday, the two players hadn’t decided how to honor their home country during the match.

“It’s great that we two meet in the second round, so we’ll be one Ukrainian in the third round,” she continued.

Tsurenko said he would wear a Ukrainian ribbon on the kit if permitted.

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