We live in the golden age of electric cargo bikes

Now is a great time to buy an electric cargo bike.

Not only are there a ton of great, affordable models just released from a very interesting corporate assortment, but more states are offering incentives to curious shoppers to help keep costs down even further. I’m here.

It feels as if industry and government have simultaneously awakened to the enormous potential of electric freight bikes to replace cartrips and improve the environment. Honestly, it’s about time.

The cargo electric bike superpower that saves the planet and the community is widely known.they are shown in reduce dependence on cars, save people money, Reduce carbon emissionsand Reduced delivery time for companiesThat probably explains why they are so popular. sell with faster clips than traditional bikes and other electric models.

Cargo e-bike superpower saving planet and community is widely known

That’s also why every company under the sun is tripping over themselves to release new electric cargo bikes. I’ve seen the Pull and Specializedand new direct-to-consumer brands such as Aventon, rad power bikeand Electrical.

As more brands enter this space, the price and secondary market ripple effects will increase. Bikes get cheaper, used bikes sell more, and freight e-bikes generally become more available and gain more exposure. This has a positive impact on infrastructure and overall reductions in car travel.

Senior Associate at Trucks VC, it is really amazing Flywheel Newsletter It’s all about the secondary e-bike market. (Seriously, it’s a great newsletter. you need to sign up for it.)

Consider this snapshot from January 2022. Of the used e-bikes posted to Craigslist that month, cargo bikes made up just 2.77%. While not a huge amount, this predates the wave of activity we’ve seen in the past few months with new, cheaper models hitting the roads.

Pre-owned e-bike form factors sold in major US territories since January 2022
image: Flywheel

According to Meruva, bike makers are realizing some important things about electric freight bikes. Most notably, I’ve ridden it far more than any other type of e-bike. The average mileage of a used cargo bike is 766.5 miles, almost double that of a commuter, sport or performance e-bike.

Another interesting thing to note is that the growing interest in cargo e-bikes is being driven not by traditional bike companies, but by direct-to-consumer brands that have created targeted marketing strategies from the start. It seeks to transform them into the world of two-wheeled vehicles with a wide range of models inspired by utility and cargo as well as cyclists.

Average mileage of pre-owned e-bikes listed in major U.S. regions since January 2022, sorted by form factor
image: Flywheel

“If you look at DTC brands such as Rad Power and Aventon, bikes that focus on utility have traditionally done very well.These brands sell to people who have never actually ridden a bike before. We started by doing it,” Meruva told me. “Specialized and Trek are selling e-bikes to people who were already wearing spandex and riding road bikes.”

Traditional bike makers have been more concerned with how much they should emphasize the potential to replace car travel. For most of these companies, this has never been a central message, and it makes sense they wouldn’t embrace it as quickly as D2C fight”- as if there were no cars Challenge Cyclists and Pedestrians to Battle decades ago.

“These brands started by selling to people who had never ridden a bike before.”

Of course, electrification and hauling large amounts of heavy cargo are just the ideal combination. If you’ve ever hauled a few kids or hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries on a non-electric cargo bike, it’s not easy. It becomes very easy and you wonder why you used the car in the first place.

“When you think about people actually thinking of riding their bikes for practical purposes, not just because it’s fun. We need this kind of functionality,” Meruva says. “And I think it’s about time. I’m honestly a little surprised that so many companies have taken this long to release cargo bikes, but I’m really excited.”

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