Watch: WWE’s Most Disappointing Authority Figures

WWE It has been entertaining fans for decades. One of the key elements of WWE is the authority figures who act as story facilitators and decision makers. However, not all authority figures have been successful in the role, and some have been downright disappointed.

remember that time John Laurinaitis Were you in authority? He is a former wrestler and in 2011 he became the general manager of both RAW and SmackDown Talent where he was Vice President of Relations. He had some fun moments, but his overall tenure as an authority figure was disappointing. He was often criticized for his robot delivery and lack of charisma.

WWE has a lot of authority figures like that. We’ll look at some of them in this list.

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Authorities who defy WWE expectations

These are some of WWE’s unfortunate authorities

  • Anonymous RAW General Manager
  • John Laurinaitis
  • Brad Maddox

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