Watch: Thomas Peters Accidentally Allowed ‘Mulligan’ After Weird Putt

Watch: Thomas Peters mistakenly admits ‘mulligan’ after odd putt – GETTY IMAGES

All the talk at the French Open was actually supposed to be about 21-year-old Rasmus Huygour’s tremendous midfield lead, but they tend to turn heads after the bizarre incident with Thomas Pieters. I collected the rules of golf. Wackier than the second day.

It started with the Belgian leaving a 35-foot birdie shot about 28 feet in front, and after seeing the local umpire allow Mr. Peters to replace it without penalty, the referee made a basic decision. I literally ended by telling him that he “shouldn’t have been given a mulligan.” ”, but he was not punished if he was given a wrong ruling by officials. And they say the golf rule book has no mercy?

The Ryder Cup player was coughing loudly by a spectator while swinging his putter on the third green at Le Golf National. be not in time.

Peters called the referee and was informed that he could take it again if he “hit it wrongly”. A relieved Peters putt 2 for par and moved on.

However, when he arrived at the clubhouse, referee Mark Lytton was waiting, saying that the referee was wrong and that the ball should have continued where it left off. It is valid because of the guidance in the R&A rulebook which states that if a stroke is erroneously advised by the referee to be canceled, the score for the replayed stroke counts.

There’s nothing disrespectful about Peters, who was inevitably portrayed as a villain in some parts of social media, but he wasn’t actually at fault.

In a 5-under world, the 33rd may look like it’s easily tied for 7th, but it’s actually 10 shots behind Rasmus. Rasmus is at 15-under after scoring his 65th, and the closest pursuer, Paul of France, is six of his behind Barjon. .

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