Watch: Colby Covington gets applause from the O2 Arena crowd at UFC 286

American welterweight contender Colby Covington received a hearty welcome from fans across the ocean at UFC 286.

The event was the UFC’s third visit to the O2 Arena in London, England, and Covington was present as a backup deputy for the main event welterweight championship match.Against former champion Kamal Usman Leon Edwards In a title rematch at UFC 286.

Covington and the UFC surprised everyone at the weigh-in when the American went out and weighed in to make sure he was a backup fighter in case of an emergency for one of the competitors. rice field.

A video posted by the UFC on Twitter showed the enthusiastic reaction from fans attending the O2 Arena as “Chaos” swooped into his suit and took his seat. Covington rewarded the audience for their love by bowing and saluting them.

His reception was the loudest of the other stars in attendance, including A-list actors such as Maisie Williams, Tom Holland and Jared Leto.

“British fans turned out to love Colby Covington, the biggest pop of the night so far” #UFC286

It turns out that British fans love Colby Covington, the biggest pop ever. #UFC286

However, Covington will have to wait for his return to the Octagon as the two headliners battle it out over five rounds for the welterweight title.

Gilbert Burns reacts to Colby Covington becoming backup fighter for UFC 286

brazilian welterweight Gilbert Burns I didn’t take kindly to the news that Colby Covington is a backup fighter for the UFC 286 main event.

Burns noted Covington’s long absence and argued that returning to photography without endangering himself was a wise decision. increase.

“oi [Covington] clever because it’s march [2023] A year has passed since the last battle. So he has to fight, he has to do something.So he’s so smart to put himself [in the backup role]I don’t know if the UFC offered him or if he offered a backup. So at least they’re not going to kick him out of the company. ”

Colby Covington last fought Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 in March 2022.He maintains his No. 2 ranking position even though he hasn’t fought since, but his final four-match results and Belal Muhammad Risking your chance for a title shot.

See Gilbert Burns’ comment below.

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