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VVD members support new law on distribution of asylum seekers

Members of the VVD political party voted in favor of a new law on the distribution of asylum seekers. New laws could force local governments to accept refugees. It is expected to enter into force in February 2023.

The new law still has to pass through the Senate and Tweede Kamer, but VVD members agreed to the law in Saturday’s vote. This should mean peace within the ruling coalition. If not, the crack in the VVD may have flared up again.

Members of the VVD supported legislation drawn up by their own party member, Secretary of State Eric van der Berg (Asylum and Migration). A motion by party member Yeche Jacobs was adopted at the VVD meeting with 77 percent of the vote.

A second motion against the law was rejected, supported by only a quarter of those present. The VVD party initially opposed the distribution law, but agreed after VVD leader Mark Rutte promised to reduce the influx of asylum seekers. The fact that the majority supports the Asylum Act is a relief to responsible Secretary of State Eric van der Berg.

According to party leader and prime minister Mark Rutte, “it was particularly important that good debate took place”, and the struggle was also seen at the party convention. Recently, VVD members have been frequently criticized for giving too much free hand to the party leadership, leading to unrest among members.

Despite a clearly large majority in favor of van der Berg’s bill, Rutte says it is nonetheless still exciting. , there were a lot of people there.”

During the discussion at the conference in Rotterdam, it became clear that van der Berg had plenty of support. “But if during the vote it turns out that the party supports you, that’s great.” Opponents were fewer than they were then, but their resistance was fierce. Van der Burg isn’t shocked by that. “I expected that too.”

Both supporters and opponents of the law agree that fewer asylum seekers should come to the Netherlands. “It is therefore clear what the VVD has given me and the other ministers as an overall mandate,” says Van der Burg. “So we’re going to work on it.”

Rutte also promised members his “personal commitment” to limit the influx.

Ruben Brekelmans, a spokesperson for asylum issues for parliamentarians, feels the members’ statements have given them momentum and support. I support both.

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