Vince McMahon Wanted Matt Hardy And Bray Wyatt To Find WWE Angle Fish At 2am – Wrestling Inc.

Matt, who continued to speak out about McMahon’s involvement in the game despite not appearing in “Hardy Compound,” said producer Michael Hayes, writer Ed Kosky, and others tried to contact McMahon. However, he said he was “ghosted” by the WWE Chairman until very late in the match. process. During the conversation, McMahon told officials not to do “bells and whistles” or “serious wrestling bulls**” and that the match would be filled with “silly things” and “overkill and super-ambitious.” I was hoping for thing. Matt said in conversation with McMahon that one big spot planned in the match was removed, including him and Wyatt making a call back to Final Deletion, the first Hardy combined cinematic match. clarified.

“On the last delete, Jeff swantoned out of the tree, and I was on a ladder, and I got two tables, put Bray on the bottom, and got off that tree,” Matt said. said. “I built a stand on it and built everything to get up there. I was already practicing it. I was going to jump off the stand and leg drop through two tables. He was going to move, I was in danger of getting into the heat side of the match and Vince said, “There’s nothing else in the ring, no more this shit.” The wrestling ring and the wrestling spot and he still wanted to bring in some TLC so I thought it would be a really cool spot, and when I got that call from Vince, they said. Ring. Vince said he didn’t want this wrestling bullshit**.

Matt’s vision for the Broken Matt character was never fully realized in WWE, and he left the company again after three years.

Please credit “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” with ah/t to Wrestling Inc. when using quotes from this article. for transcription.

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