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Villkor for 3Details-tävlingen – Metro Mode

By entering the contest and uploading your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #3DetailsMM, you agree to these Terms of Service.

and a jury composed of personnel from MetroMode utser vinnaren av 3st mobilskal från 3Detail (value 1000kr). You must be 18 years or older to participate and if you are a resident of Sweden you cannot appeal the judges’ decisions. Anställda på MetroMode AB samt deras anhöriga for ej join i tävlingen. 1:a pris är 3st mobilskal från 3Detail until ett värde av 1000kr. Final profit tax betalas av vinnaren. Vinsten can inte bytas mot cashener. ) to process all personal data. Contest runs until October 31, 2013. The winner will be contacted by her via Instagram by December 20, 2013 and then emailed to her address for further communication.

Competitive bids must contain a photo of the clothing, bag or accessory that is tagged #3DetailsMM and is publicly available on Instagram to be valid. Images posted by users with private Instagram profiles are also eligible for this contest.

For MetroMode, sig rätten att sättälga och ta bort beggit ur tävlingen utan att megsätä upphovsmannen om trigbet ausker vara olagligt, stötande eller på annat sätt etiskt ellermoraliskt oppassande. You confirm that your rights do not infringe on the rights of others or conflict with the interests of others. Deltagaren ansvarar och guaraniar att holai Metro International Sweden AB skadelösts om någen riktar krav gühlen stridigheter i bilden. MetroMode cannot be held responsible for third party technical failures that make this contest possible. You own the rights to your material and MetroMode does not claim ownership of your images.

Images uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #3detailsMM can be used for marketing and documentation of this contest.

Deltagaren respects Instagram’s terms of service by participating in this contest.
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