Video shows helicopter carrying politicians crashing in Brazil

Two politicians, a staff member and a helicopter pilot, miraculously survived when the aircraft flew into power lines, crashed into the ground and burst into flames.

The stunning video captures the moment when a silver helicopter carrying Brazilian MP Hercílio Araújo Diniz and Governador Valadares Deputy Mayor David Barroso drifts slowly into a power cord.

The pilot lost control before hitting a power line, according to the fire department.
jam press video
helicopter crashes into power lines
The helicopter burst into flames after hitting a power line.
jam press video

Video of the crash was recorded by witnesses on the ground, and onlookers can hear the helicopter panting in horror as it loses its composure and dives into the ground below, where it catches fire.

All four people on board suffered minor injuries, according to the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Hercilio Araujo Dinis

Brazilian MP Hercilio Araujo Diniz and three others were on board the helicopter.

David Barroso

Governor David Barroso, Deputy Mayor of the Governor’s Valadare, survived with minor injuries.

According to the fire department, the pilot lost control Before hitting the power lines on the side of the highway, The US Sun reported.

After the accident, power was cut off to the municipalities of Sobralia and Fernández-Tourinho, according to local reports.

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