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Video: Ice skaters arrive in Gelderland as temperatures plummet overnight

November 20th was the first official mild frost of the fall, and it even allowed people to hit the Winterswijk skating rink. From 8:15 am the skaters were able to go out on the ice. According to Weeronline and, temperatures at the National Meteorological Institute KNMI in Debilt, Utrecht dropped to minus 6.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning.

The first formal moderate frosts come very quickly. Usually this happens around December 24th he on average. Moderate frost occurs when temperatures are at least -5.0 degrees.

The last moderate frost in De Bilt was almost a year ago on December 22, 2021.

The first localized moderate frost was already measured at Eelde in Drentheon at 9:20 pm on Saturday night when temperatures dropped to -5.1 degrees.

Saturday-Sunday night was the coldest in Twente, with temperatures dropping to minus 8.3 degrees Celsius.

The Winterswake Ice Association (WIJV) reports to the NOS that it has “never opened earlier”.

Skaters who want to go there shouldn’t wait too long, says Van Prooije in an interview with NOS. “If it stays open until 11am, I’d be very happy.” According to NOS, the ice master is proud to be skating for a few hours early in the new year.

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