Victory Road Go Home Show, Australian Open, Ladder Match

They both start climbing and both are beating it. Myers hits a belly-to-back suplex from a ladder to Gujjar. Myers is outside the ring and grabs the third ladder. He puts the ladder on the stairs. Powerbomb on the ladder. After the move, the crowd chanted, “Myers sucks.” Both men are trying to get back in the ring. Myers is the first to roll back. He’s climbing the ladder and getting closer to the title. Gujar pulls him off the ladder and fires a superkick at Myers. Low blow to Gujjar climbing the ladder. Myers tapes him to a ladder so he can’t climb. Myers wins title and keeps it!

Winner: Brian Myers Retains Digital Media Championship

Behind the scenes with Josh Alexander, Rich Swann and Heath Slater. Slater says they have to be on the same page for the Victory Road Match. Slater comments on his subsequent open fight with members of Honor No More.

Back from commercial break. The announcer talks about Saturday’s Victory Road match.

Footage from last Saturday’s Wrestling Revolver where Steve McClin attacked Sami Callihan.

Knockout Champion Jordan Grace vs. Jicky Dice

very fast game. Grace suplexes the dice and rips off her shirt. She uses the Grace Driver and wins the match.

Winner: Jordyn Grace

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