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‘Very dangerous decision’: Russia despises Germany

Germany’s move to hand over the Leopard 2 to Kyiv would lead to “permanent escalation,” says the Russian embassy in Berlin.

Moscow condemned the transfer of Berlin supply ukraine He accused Germany of abandoning its “historic responsibility to Russia” stemming from Nazi crimes during World War II.

The Russian embassy in Germany said Wednesday that it had decided to send 14 German-made vehicles. leopard 2 tank Allowing allies to re-export the same model to Kyiv would exacerbate the war in Ukraine to a new level, leading to a “permanent escalation”.

Ambassador Sergei Nechayev said: “This very dangerous decision will take the conflict to a new level of confrontation and contradict the statements of German politicians that they do not want the Federal Republic of Germany to be involved in the conflict.” rice field.

“It destroys the remnants of mutual trust, irreparably damages the already deplorable state of relations between Russia and Germany, and calls into question the possibility of normalization of both countries in the foreseeable future.”

Kyiv, arguing that Western tanks were desperately needed to break through Russian defense lines and give its troops the firepower and mobility to retake the occupied territories to the east and south, began to use Western tanks. I’ve been looking for it for months.

Moscow reiterates that tanks supplied by the West “burn”, dismissing proposals to influence the results in 11 months confrontationthey warn it will only prolong Ukraine’s suffering.

Germany’s move is expected to pave the way for Poland, Finland and many other European countries to offer Ukrainian tanks from their Leopard 2 stocks.

“With the approval of the German leadership, tanks with German crosses would again be sent to the ‘Eastern Front’, which would inevitably lead to the death of Russian soldiers as well as civilians.

Britain has already pledged to deliver 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Kyiv, but the US is poised to reverse course and deliver more than 30 M1 Abrams to Ukraine.

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