Verizon is regaining unlimited data

Verizon ((((VZ). We are reviving an unlimited data plan.

Starting Monday, Verizon customers will receive unlimited data, talks, and texts for $ 80.

According to the company, the new deployment plan includes the use of mobile hotspots up to 10 GB, as well as calls and text messages to Mexico and Canada. Customers will also be able to stream unlimited HD video, plagued by T-Mobile’s controversial practice of degrading the video quality of some of its unlimited data customers.

The new Verizon plan promises “fast LTE speeds”, but can be problematic when using large amounts of data. According to the company, after a customer uses 22 GB of data on the line during the billing cycle, “if the network is congested, it may prioritize use over other customers.” is. This has become the standard method for all networks that offer unlimited data plans.

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Verizon First Abolished unlimited usage plan version in 2011Follow similar decisions by other major wireless carriers.

However, companies have steadily revived such plans.

Verizon first reviewed its data usage plan when it introduced a new “safe mode” plan last summer. This technically gave customers unlimited access to data, but after reviewing the assigned data, they were exposed to molasses-like slow speeds.

AT & T Similarly, in September we abolished customer overage charges... Like Verizon, AT & T slows down customers when they reach the plan’s data limits.Company Revived unlimited plans early last yearHowever, it is only available in homes with both AT & T’s wireless telephone service and DirecTV or U-VerseTV.

Meanwhile, competitors T-mobile ((((TMUS). When Sprint ((((S). Made a unique bid to attract customers I’m looking for an “Unlimited Data” plan.

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Last August, Sprint launched plans to offer customers unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data for $ 60 on the first line, $ 40 on the second line, and $ 30 for every additional 10 lines. did.

Announced on the same day as Sprint, the T-Mobile plan costs $ 70 a month for the first line, $ 50 for the second line, and $ 20 for additional lines, up to a maximum of eight lines.

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