Vandal Etching ‘f–k the Queen’ on Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’

Police are searching for four vandals for allegedly scrawling “fk the Queen” on Wall Street’s Charging Bull earlier this month, police said.

A lewd message was carved into a bronze sculpture in the iconic financial district at around 2:30 am on September 25th. 9 — Queen Elizabeth II, one day after she died, police said.

Police said the suspect used a “paint marker-type device” to smear the bull’s forehead.

Vandal scrawled “F–k the Queen” on “Charging Bull.”

Police have released a video of the suspect. The suspects are believed to be two young women and her group of two young men. The two of her hooligans held hands while the entourage strolled down the street.

Charging Bull has been destroyed several times in the past, including twice in 2019.

Texas truck driver Tevon Varlack, September 2019 Sculpture of an attacked “devil” He hacked with a steel banjo, leaving a cut in the right corner.

Vandals are walking down the street.
The hooligans committed the crime at around 2:30 am on September 2nd. 9.

A month later, climate activist painted the bull red After performing “Die In” with its hooves to symbolize what they said was the environmental destruction Wall Street caused.

Most recently, in February 2021, the bull was covered in flowers to commemorate the death of Arturo di Modica, who created the sculpture over 30 years ago.

View of the charging bull
Charging Bull has a history of destruction.
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