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Utrecht Church holds memorial service for dead migrant workers in Qatar

Hours before the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar, Utrecht’s Domkerk held a memorial service at 2:30 pm on Sunday for migrant workers who died while building the World Cup stadium.

Many people signed up for the church and 250 registered to attend. Organizers hope the service will attract even more people.

The memorial service was organized by the interfaith group, Micah Nederland, in partnership with Missy Nederland, Living Image, Pop-up Welk, and TierFund. The purpose of the service was to give exploited people a face and remove their anonymity, said Harmen Nijmeijer, director of Micha Netherlands.

“In recent weeks, the public debate has usually been about whether cabinet delegations should go to the World Cup. This made the conversation very political. At this memorial service, We want to reflect on those involved.” Organizers are also calling on other churches to pay attention to what they call the ‘dark side of the World Cup,’ Niemeyer said. explained.

At least 6,500 migrant workers have died in the country from various causes since the World Cup was allocated to Qatar, the Guardian reported. Qatar won the World Cup in 2010.

According to British newspapers, many of the deaths were probably related to the construction needed to make the World Cup happen as planned. can’t start,” he said.

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