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Using Marketplace Dental Insurance

published to August 25, 2016

When you enrolled in Marketplace coverage, you may have selected a health insurance plan that included dental coverage or purchased a separate separate dental insurance plan.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your dental insurance.

Know what services your dental plan covers

  • Many dental insurance plans cover common dental benefits such as fillings, cleanings, treatment for cavities and broken teeth, and dentures, but different plans cover different services.
  • Some dental plans cover only children, while others cover the whole family.
  • Check with your dental insurance company to find out exactly what is covered.

Understanding copays

  • Higher coverage levels are higher, but lower. So your monthly payment will be more, but less if you use dental services.
  • A lower coverage level means you pay less each month, but pay more when you receive service.

Find the right dentist for you

  • Not all types of health care providers have all insurance plans or all types of insurance. Call the office before you go to make sure they accept your coverage.
  • When making an appointment, have your insurance card and other documents handy and know what services you would like to receive.

Additional benefits of having health insurance

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