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US steps up criticism of Russia at UN Security Council – Times of India

United Nations: The United States and its allies Russia for that war Ukraine On Thursday, we will pressure other countries to join the forceful condemnation of the conflict.
the day after the president Joe Biden attacked the Russian leader Vladimir Putin The US will argue at the UN for what he called a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and international law. security council A senior US official said Russia should face more condemnation and isolation for its aggression.
An official said Secretary of State Anthony said: Shining Confronting the spate of allegations of war crimes and other atrocities at a meeting of the Council with Russian MP Sergey Lavrov, and to countries that have not yet voiced their strong opposition to them as an affront to the international order. call. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity to preview what Blinken will do in his 15-minute presentation and what to expect.
One official said Brinken Biden The regime believes that not only will the war wreak havoc on Ukraine and its people, but it will exacerbate multiple other global crises, including potential famine and energy shortages, improve global health, Fight climate change and reduce poverty.
Brinken will point to recent developments, including Russia’s new mobilization of troops, threats to use nuclear weapons and new efforts to annex parts of Ukraine, the official said. Blinken also said the Security Council has a “special responsibility” and a duty to oppose actions that threaten its credibility and relevance as the United Nations’ most powerful institution.
But given Russia’s veto power as a permanent member, Brinken had no illusions that the Council would act against Russia. The aim is to impress Moscow with the serious damage it has caused and persuade other member states to demand an end to the war, officials said.
On Wednesday, the Ukrainian president laid out a detailed case for Russia’s aggression at the United Nations in a speech delivered hours after Moscow made an unusual announcement that it would mobilize some reserve forces for the war effort. demanded punishment from world leaders.
In a video address to world leaders, Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed not to stop his army until all of Ukraine was retaken.
“We can put the Ukrainian flag back across the territory. We can do it by force,” Zelensky said. “But we need time.”

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