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US calls for action on Myanmar’s military regime, possible UN resolution – Times of India

UN: The US is calling for more pressure on the US. Myanmarthe military government of united nations Officials said Thursday they are urging the international community not to be aware of upcoming elections.
“It’s widely accepted that the administration needs to feel more pressure,” said a State Department attorney. Derek Sholetleads annual U.S. diplomacy in Myanmar United Nations General Assemblytold AFP.
He cited this month’s airstrikes, which killed 11 schoolchildren, and the July 4, 2021 air strikes by the military junta, which overthrew its elected government in February 2021, ending a decade-long experiment in democracy. pointed out the outrage over the execution of a prominent prisoner.
Cholet said he had met with representatives of other governments and the National Unity government, which is ruled by an exiled civilian leader. Aung San Suu Kyiparty and held a virtual meeting with the country’s armed ethnic group, also known as Burma.
he said he had discussions with other countries security council The effort was in the “very early stages” and the details were not yet clear, but it was resolved.
“I think we have to be realistic on all issues about how much Russia and China can tolerate. Council We will take action,” he said, referring to allies of the Myanmar military who are vetoing.
“I think it’s important to try,” he said.
He also said the military government had told other governments that it “should not give credibility” to the elections scheduled for next August.
“I told them there was no chance these elections would be free and fair given the fact that the regime does not control even half of the territory. is basically quarantined and no one has seen her for 20 months,” Cholet said.
Earlier Thursday, the UN special rapporteur on the situation of rights in Myanmar said: Thomas Andrewswarned that the election would be a “fraud”.
Since the coup, the US has imposed a series of sanctions, including targeting the military regime’s leaders.
But it has taken a step urged by activists targeting Myanmar’s oil and gas industry amid opposition from its ally Thailand, which imports energy from its neighbor.
Southeast Asian bloc ASEAN has been unsuccessfully trying to broker a diplomatic solution to the crisis with its generals, and some US partners, notably Myanmar’s neighbor India, have been hesitant to take hardline action. There is

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