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US: Anxiety after Trump appeals to supporters to announce on Tuesday

Στελέχητων Republic επεπριναν της “πολιτικές” διώξεις εις βεραμος του today donald trumpο οποίος ενδέχεται Να γίνει ο πρώτος πρώην πρόεδρος των united states of america against those who are accused of accusations, with the Δημοκρατικός να να να την της του του δισεκατομμυριούχυ προς του του δισεκατομμυριούχυ προς του του του δισεκατομμιριούχου να διαδηλουῖν.

Το εντείντο να το τραμμι καὶ καὶ το Τραμ ξαφνικά της ξαφνικά της εκλήθη να καταθέσει κασμάτυρας στην της Στόρμι Ντάνιελς, την και προσματά η ησαγγελία της Νέας Ιόρχας. Ο Περπουμπλικάνος 元大統領は、2016 年にこの映画女優との関係を明らかにしないIt is said that he gave money to

Trump: ‘Tuesday will get me’

On Saturday, Trump, who is once again the presidential candidate in the 2024 election, said Tuesday that “he will be arrested” and called on his supporters to “save America” ​​and “move on.”

Several Republicans then came to his defense. First, House Speaker Kevin MacArthur sued New York City Attorney Alvin Bragg in Manhattan for “abuse of power.”

After Καπιτώλιο’s invasion on January 6, 2021, even the former antiprodrus Μάικ Πενς ο who apostate from Trump expressed support for Προπουμπλικάνο.

Οι διώξεις είναι “πολιτικά υποκινουμήτης”, the former right-hand man of εκτίμησε το του Πάρμα and also holding the 2024 φιλοδοξίες για το, he takes care of his image. He attributed Δήλωσε “συγχυσμένος” to the idea that the former president could be criminally prosecuted by its prosecutors “at a time when a wave of crime was sweeping New York.”

Emphasize «Οι Αμερικάνοι την συνταγματικό δικαιμού να για προστένονται ειρννικά», ο Πενς.

Οι Δημοκρατικοί απο την τος τους χαρακτήρισαν την πενάσπιση του Πενς ανεύθυνη.

The former Vice-President of the United States launched an attack on Kazan, claiming that “his philanthropic activities took precedence over the public interest”.

“There is no reason for that to happen,” he said today.

Yesterday, Saturday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described Trump’s allegations as “dangerous.”

“It will be important for the forces of order to avoid these proclamations and not reach levels of violence,” the Republic’s Democratic Gov. Mark Kelly said today, expressing concern. Expressed. Situation.

“Security Challenge”

Several American media outlets are reporting that local and federal officials are gearing up for possible indictments against Trump. opposition to the former president.

Ενδεχεμένη απαγγελία κατογεριός is unique for the former president and will inevitably set off a political explosion that will influence the campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

If Leukou Oikou’s former Enoikos fears his eventual involvement, the criminal justice system could benefit him, according to an American journalist.

“The New York Attorney General is doing more to help Donald Trump get elected president today than anyone else in the United States,” state governor Λίντσεϊ Γκρέιαμ estimated yesterday, The behavior was characterized as ‘selective’.

Οι καὶ διώξεις «θα για Περισμός συμπάθεια για τον έχρος περιστέρων», έναι ο Ρεπουμπλικάνος κιβερνήτης του Νιού Χάμσαϊρ Κρις Σουνούνου, ο ένα προέβλεψε “ένα πολιτικό τσίρκο”.

The prosecutor’s investigation concerns a $130,000 payment to Στόρμι Ντάνιελς, whose real name is Στέφανι Κλίφορντ, in order not to disclose his ties to Trump. These funds are expected to be received in his 2016, just before the presidential election he won.

New York’s prosecutor’s office, in violation of campaign finance laws, said the donations were intended to influence the outcome of the presidential election by hiding tropical information about Trump, resulting in hidden funds from the president’s campaign. It is estimated that it was a donation made by

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ, AFP

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