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Update your health insurance information to get the best rates

published to December 2, 2016

If you had 2016 Marketplace insurance and want 2017 coverage, we recommend updating your 2017 health insurance application with your expected income and household information for the next year. Even if you want to keep the same plan.

If you renew by December 15th, your changes will take effect on January 1st.


  • Make sure you have the right amount of savings. If you don’t renew your application, your financial aid will be correct for 2017 and you may end up paying more monthly health insurance than you should. Alternatively, you may have to pay back the extra money when you file your taxes, as you may use it beyond your entitlement.
  • You may find a 2017 plan that better suits your needs and budget. Health care plans and prices change annually. Your situation may also be different. Even if you don’t have income or household updates to report, you may still be able to take advantage of new, more affordable plans. I don’t know if I don’t shop.

Ready to update your application?

  • login, select the 2017 application. The information for 2016 is pre-populated, so all you have to do is update your changes. Update expected income and household changes for 2017. Then proceed with your registration for 2017.
  • If you do not update your application and enroll in a plan by December 15th, you may be automatically enrolled in 2017. This will cover your insurance from January 1st. However, the only way to ensure you get the best plan with eligible savings is to update your application and compare plans.

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