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Up to 8 dead in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Fiona heads to Bermuda – Times of India

San Juan: Hurricane Fiona Intensified by a powerful Category 4 storm on Wednesday, Bermuda After blazing a devastating trail in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Ricomost have lost power and up to eight people may have died in the storm.
After making landfall in Puerto Rico on Sunday, Fiona caused devastating flooding and landslides on the island. Over the next two days, the storm gathered momentum and swept the Dominican Republic and the Turks and her Caicos Islands.
By Wednesday, Fiona was expected to whip up winds of 130 mph (215 km/h) that would intensify as it headed north toward Bermuda, but current forecasts say Bermuda won’t hit directly, according to the National Hurricane Center. said. It could reach Canada’s Atlantic coast on Friday.
Eric Blake, deputy head of the U.S. government agency’s branch in Miami, said even if Fiona maintains her current course and passes west of the island, Bermuda will still see high waves, storm surges, heavy rain and strong winds.
“We hope the center of the storm stays in the west, but it can still move east and hit Bermuda,” Blake said, adding that the U.S. East Coast is experiencing a major swell as the storm moves violently toward Canada. added that it would experience rip currents.
“This is going to be a big deal,” he told Reuters, referring to Fiona’s trajectory to the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Nova Scotiaand Newfoundland and Labrador.
In Puerto Rico, where 40% of the island’s 3.3 million residents still lacked access to water and three-quarters lacked electricity, authorities were trying to determine the extent of the destruction and begin rebuilding.
At least eight deaths are under investigation that Fiona could be responsible, including an ill 4-month-old whose mother struggled to get to the hospital due to road blockages. infants were included. Maria Conte Millerthe director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, said at a roundtable on Tuesday.
The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has so far confirmed four deaths from the storm in Puerto Rico. Her fifth person died in Guadeloupe earlier this week.
For many Puerto Ricans, memories of Hurricane Maria in 2017 are still fresh. About 3,000 people died in a Category 5 storm, and the entire island lost power for her week.
maril maldonadoA 45-year-old saleswoman from the northwestern Puerto Rico town of Kamuy said water was restored to her residence on Tuesday, but the governor and energy providers failed to deliver on promises to restore power to her area.
“People are under a lot of stress,” she said. “Here in this region, the crisis is emotional. It’s emotional because of the frustration about the lack of electricity and because we’re being lied to.”
The Bermuda Weather Service has issued a tropical storm warning for British territory 600 miles (966 km) east of North Carolina, USA. Fiona is heading west of the archipelago. Depending on the storm’s course, hurricane-strength winds are possible.
“The outer rain belt will push over the area, bringing showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain,” the Japan Meteorological Agency said in its forecast for Thursday and Friday.
An estimated 1.07 million homes and businesses remained without power in Puerto Rico by noon Wednesday, according to LUMA Energy, which said it could take days to fully restore all 1.5 million customers.
In the neighboring Dominican Republic, Fiona caused severe flooding, limiting road access to villages, displacing 12,500 people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.
Fiona was the first hurricane to hit the Dominican Republic since Jeanne severely damaged the eastern part of the country in 2004.
U.S. Secretary of Health Xavier Becerra On Tuesday night, it declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico, releasing federal funds and equipment to help the island.

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