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Unemployment rate slightly decreased in October

Last month, 365,000 people lost their jobs in the Netherlands. That was his 3.7% of the working population, slightly lower than his 3.8% in September. statistics netherlands Reported Thursday. On average, over the past three months, the number of unemployed has increased by about 4,000 per month.

At the end of October, the welfare agency UWV paid out 150,000 eligible unemployment benefits, 1.6% less than in September. Compared to the previous year, the number of active unemployment benefits decreased by 49,600, or 24.9%. In October, UWV paid out 16,400 new unemployment benefits and finished 18,900.

In addition to the unemployed, 3.3 million Dutch people between the ages of 15 and 75 were out of work in October. They are not counted in the working population because they are not looking for work or are not readily available.

“Many people are retired or unable to work due to illness or disability,” the statistics bureau said. Over the past three months, this group has shrunk by an average of 8,000 per month. During this period, the number of workers increased by an average of 19,000 per month.

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