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Understanding Your Health Insurance

published to July 25, 2014

Health insurance pays for the services of health care providers, medications, hospital care, and special equipment when you are sick. It is important even when you are not sick.Marketplace coverage includes preventive health services Immunizations for children and adults, annual doctor visits for women and the elderly, screening and counseling for people of all ages, and more. Best news – it’s free. Here are four things you should know about health insurance.

  1. All Marketplace Health Plans are Overview of Benefits and Coverageincludes coverage examples showing how the plan can help you pay for services.

  2. Actual costs and care will vary depending on medical needs and coverage.

  3. you can use us Glossary understand important terms like self-pay, deductible, Communication networkWhen premium.

  4. If you have questions about your coverage, you can contact your health insurance. Medicaid ProgramAlso Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Get detailed information.

Sea Why is it important to have health insurance Share what you learn with family and friends.

Watch video: “Understanding the Plan” ~From Security to Care~

Watch video: “Words to Know” – From Coverage to Care

Print your own booklet: Step 2 – Understand Health Insurance

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