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Un naufragio en EEUU desnuda el Drama de migrantes mexicanos

ARCHIVO – Los socorristas Robert Butler, a la izquierda, y KC Ivers, a la derecha, se disponen a mover uno de dos botes que se volcaron cuando transportaban a migrantes en aguas turbulentas poco profundas frente a Blacks Beach, en la costa de San Diego , March 12, 2023. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, Archive)

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (AP) — The calm of the farming region of Tehuacan in the heart of Mexico was disrupted this week by devastating news. One of its young residents, her Yecenia Lazcano Soriano, was identified among eight of her bodies rescued from the wreck of her two boats last weekend in front of San Diego’s coast. I was. .

Lazcano Soriano is a 22-year-old single mother who dreamed of owning her own home and business in Tehuacán, Puebla. Perseguiendo sus sueños la joven, de origen pobre que trabajaba vendiniendo frutas y verduras en un mercado de su localidad, decidido, sin decirle a casi nadie, arriesgar su vida en un viaje por tierra y mar para llegar a Estados Unidos, tal como lo hacen cada mes miles de migrants, mucho de ellos mexicanos.

La Patrulla Borderiza has learned that it detained 128,877 migrants at its border with Mexico during February. This is slightly lower than the figures reported last month.

Atrás left Hija at the age of four to take care of two aunts and a 72-year-old grandmother. Tehuacan is a town of about 300,000 people, the majority of whom live by farming. corn and flowers.

Another aunt, Wendy Valencia, lived in this same house until she moved to Dallas six years ago. For just his 15 years, Lascano Soriano is living a vibrant life. Al poco tiempo de nacida lapequeña, su marido her fue secuestrado ypasóa engrosar la lista demásde de de de 112,000 desaparecidos, en una expression de la violencia que desangra aMéxico.

“Ella no le tenía miedo al trabajo, era una guerrera, una mujer muy luchadora,” declared Valencia in a telephone interview from his home in Dallas. Lazcano Soriano had her brother who lives in Texas and her two sisters who live in Mexico.

“Her aim was to give her hija a better future, a dignified home,” the aunt commented while talking about her niece Temple, who never lost her partner.

Valencia said she had no idea her niece had decided to embark on the dangerous journey, and when the young woman expressed her desire to go to the United States a year ago, she replied that she was afraid. the girl stays

Lazcano Soriano left home almost in silence. He Solocompartiósus planes his con una hermana y una de sustías his, indicóValencia.Mid last week, Lazcano Soriano texted a heart emoji to Valencia in his message, but he said nothing about the trip. En ese momento, ellapodríaestar en la frontera, comentólatía.She Nuncallegóa su destino her.

In addition to Lazcano Soriano, the bodies of Alma Figueroa Gorgoria, who turned 18 last week, and her aunt Ana Jacqueline Figueroa, 23, were also identified. Both are from the regions of Tlacotepec de Benito Juarez and Puebla.

Also found were the bodies of 23-year-old Guillermo Suárez González and 58-year-old Eloy Hernández Baltazar, who had worked at Maquila. Both are residents of Santiago Mihuatlan, a small agricultural town of 30,000 people. Tehuacan, a kilometer away.

The death of Suarez Gonzalez Dejo hit his family hard, especially his four young children who lost their father.

Los Famires de Suárez González informed the Instituto Poblano de Asistencia al Migrante last Wednesday that it completed the procedures for the repatriation of the young man’s body to Mexico and will be taken to his family’s preferred city of Santiago Mihuatlan.

Last Saturday, US authorities began a rescue operation for shipwreck victims after calling the 911 emergency number. Las dos lanchas naufragaron en aguas poco profundas en medio de una dense neblina frente a las costas de San Diego.

Survivors may have fled overland, including the woman who made the emergency call. Las autoridades desconocen el paradero de todos ellos.

Border Patrol reports hundreds of known human trafficking attempts each year on the California coast.

ARCHIVE - March 12, 2023, in front of Black's Beach on the coast of San Diego, recovering life jacket bags found around one of two boats that capsized while transporting people Rescuer Robert Butler.  (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, Archivo)
ARCHIVE – March 12, 2023, in front of Black’s Beach on the coast of San Diego, recovering life jacket bags found around one of two boats that capsized while transporting people Rescuer Robert Butler. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, Archivo)

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