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Ukraine: Dead and Wounded in New Russian Attack on God’s Kingdom

Photo Reuters/Jan Dolblonosov

2 injured, 8 injured Landmark πλήγματα με «όπλα διασποράς» στο Κραματόρσκ, στην Eastern Ukraineaccording to the city.

« Russia is still frightened. ΣυνεπειατουβομβαρδισμότουΚραματόρσκμεάρμανδιασποράς: 2 dead, 8 injured, 3 of whom were seriously injured »he wrote on his Facebook page οδήμαχοςΑλεξάντεΓκντσραραραρένα.

12 houses were built and 14 urban facilities were built.

Δημοσιογραφοι του Γαλλικού Πρακτορείου παιραν τοι ακόσαν δέκα ταυτόχρονες εκρήξεις A few minutes before 4:00 pm local time, I saw smoke rising from a park south of the city. Ten other similar expressions were then heard from a congregation about two kilometers from the first point of βομβαρδισμός.

Ukraine: Dead and wounded in new Russian attack on Kramatorsk-1


A woman was murdered in a park. Στον δεύτερο βομβαρδισμός τραμμαιστέσεις στον μια γιαγραφία ταξί. «Ήρθε να με δει για καὶ και παράξαζοταν να χρηση. Της παρα αντιο, έκλεισα την πόρτα και περισσότερα σενόδες μετα άκουσα τις εκρήξεις», said a 46-year-old woman, η Λένα, το το της της της της της περισσότερα η γιαγίας .

A red truck was parked at the entrance of the house.

It’s the second time I’ve been targeted this week. One person was killed, three injured and six homes destroyed on Tuesday.

Κραματόρσκ, with 150,000 inhabitants before the war, is near Παχμούτ and was the epicenter of fighting here for many months. After the occupation of his city of Ντονέτσκ by the philosopher in 2014, Κραματόρσκ serves as the seat of the municipality of Ukraine. In April 2022, a Russian pilot attacked the city’s railway station, killing 60 of his citizens waiting for a train to flee the area.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ, AFP

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