UFC 286: Leon Edwards Defeats Kamaru Usman By Majority To Retain Welterweight Title

Leon Edwards retained his welterweight title by defeating challenger Kamaru Usman by majority decision at UFC 286, extending his undefeated streak to 12 in his first title defense.

The judges scored the trilogy’s fight at London’s O2 Arena 48-46, 48-46, 47-47 in favor of the Briton, who took a distant and cleaner blow in the third fight .

“I knew I could go out there and get a shot of him,” Edwards said.

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Hear from UFC Welterweight Champions Edwards and Dana White after UFC 286

This was the third meeting more than seven years after the first battle, which Usman won.

Edwards got off to a strong start by connecting with two heavy body kicks in the opening round. The 31-year-old’s speed unsettled Usman, but both fighters exchanged heavy blows after the challenger briefly defeated Edwards in the second round.

Usman grappled Edwards to the floor again early in the third round, and Edwards docked a point to grab the fence.

Leon Edwards celebrates victory over Kamaru Usman in his welterweight title fight at UFC 286.
Edwards celebrates victory over Usman

A similar pattern unfolded in the fourth, which was equally tight, with Edwards trying to keep his distance and Usman trying to get closer.

Edwards avoided two more takedown attempts in the final round and caught Usman with an uppercut, but was hit in the body as his title defense was on the wire.

Edwards kicked the Nigerian head and neck in the fifth round of UFC 278 in Salt Lake City in August, ending Usman’s long reign as champion.

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Usman says he’s not done and will see Edwards again

“I think it was enough to win the game,” Usman, 35, said. BT Sports After defeat. “It’s not over yet.”

He also showed great sportsmanship when talking about Edwards’ victory. Let’s meet again.

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Edwards celebrated victory over Usman with actor Tom Holland at UFC 268

“I have always admired him for everything he has achieved. He is just like me. It is in his blood. A wonderful man.”

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