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Two months in prison for PSV fan attacking Sevilla goalkeeper

The 20-year-old Roermond man who attacked the Sevilla goalkeeper during a football match between PSV and the Spanish club on February 23 was sentenced to three months in prison, one of which is suspended. was.of East Brabant Court It also introduced a new two-year ban on entering and exiting Eindhoven’s Philips Stadium when PSV are playing at home.

PSV supporters rushed onto the field towards the end of the match and attacked goalkeeper Marko DmitrovichThe goalkeeper defended himself and knocked the man to the ground. Some guards quickly took him away.

PSV later reveals suspect Dilano K. shouldn’t have been at stadium in the first place – Municipality of Eindhoven issued a restraining order to him after his last two football-related offences.

The court ruled, “You entered the field intoxicated to attack a football player.” I’m calling, but this has nothing to do with football.”

K. would not tell the court how he got around the stadium ban. However, according to PSV, he attended with a ticket purchased by a friend of his.

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