Twitter will start manually verifying accounts next week.

Elon Musk has said Twitter’s Checkmark program could resume on Friday, Dec. 2, using a new procedure for verifying personal identities to solve the problem of impersonation. Musk describes his new manual verification process as follows:It hurts, but it’s necessary.Confirmed check marks are also enhanced with additional colors. Gold for businesses, gray for government, and the original blue for personal accounts.

Musk previously said Twitter was “probably Color check of organizations different from individuals“The boundaries that make up what is ‘remarkable’ are so subjective that all validated humans get the same blue check.” ” Musk on Twitter. “Individuals can have [a] A secondary small logo indicating belonging to an organization when so verified by that organization.

Twitter’s CEO says he will provide a longer explanation of how it all works at some point next week.

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